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We tailor solutions to the most complex reconstruction problems.

Our past projects range from single family homes to luxury high rises; from commercial office space to multimillion-dollar resorts. We partner with homeowner associations, law firms, engineering groups and property management companies to tackle the most difficult reconstruction problems.

Tailored Roofing

Experienced in all roofing types.

Planning is Key

One of the most missed aspect of executing a successful reconstruction project is proper planning. We call it PreReconstruction™. This phase sets the long awaited reconstruction project up to be seen as a success by all parties, the HOA Board, the Homeowners and Residents. Each party to the reconstruction project is impacted in various ways. The Budget, the Schedule, the Safety and Security, the Quality of Repair and the level of Communication throughout the project is important on different levels; but a failure in any one of these areas can mean disaster for the entire project. Drafting a plan in advance, gives the Home Owner Association peace of mind and confidence to move forward into reconstruction.

 How We Can Help

   Tailored Reconstruction Services understands the work and the processes needed to get the work done in occupied multi-family communities. If your property needs any type of major repair or reconstruction, engage us early on to lay out a path to success! We will help with repair prioritization, drafting requests for proposals for accurate bids, identifying project risks, recruiting and organizing a team of qualified experts to execute the work. Tailored will be on-site during the work to oversee that the plan is being implemented and we will be at the ownership meeting to report on the project. Having true Reconstruction Professionals in your corner makes all the difference.

Construction Defect Services

We offer guidance before and after the project starts.

Expert Witnesses for Cost of Repair

   Having an expert with the background in actually doing the work; combined with the patience to thoroughly review the associated necessary general conditions, will produce a more accurate estimate of reconstruction costs. Jeremiah Franks and Josh Schilling have both spent numerous hours preparing, being deposed on and testifying to professional Cost of Repair Estimates. Please contact us for a copy of our rate sheet and current CV.

Intrusive Testing

   Hire a contractor who UNDERSTANDS the delicacy of the situation, the importance of evidence preservation, discretion in what is said on the job and the magnifying glass that the entire team is under.

   Hire a contractor that pays equal attention to the PEOPLE involved as the do the work at hand. Hire a contractor that places SAFETY and COMMUNICATION above expedience

   Hire a contractor that understands how to protect the property while making SURGICAL CUTS and repairing them like they were never there.

A few of the services we offer are:

  • Roofing systems
  • Building exteriors including Stucco, Brick, Stone, Siding, Paneling
  • Foundation repairs including post tension, pier and beam, footers, grade beams.
  • Structural framing at walls or floors including crawlspaces.
  • Civil regrading soil stabilization or dewatering.

Reconstruction Contractor

We have a multitude of services related to reconstruction.

Tailored Construction

   Tailored is all about providing the best possible reconstruction experience for your Homeowner Association. That involves keys to being a great tailor of the reconstruction package.

  1. Getting the most reconstruction work accomplished for the budgeted dollars.
  2. Scheduling the work in a way that does not completely disrupt the lifestyle of the community in the process.
  3. An essential piece to the way we do business is having the right staff on-site during the work to effect the highest level of communication from eager start to successful finish.
  4. All of this is planned in a way to emphasize safety and security above production efficiencies.
  5. Tailored always strives to recommend the highest quality of repairs to our clients and touts a 10 year workmanship warranty that blows away the industry standard.

   A reason construction defects exist is because of a ‘turn and burn’ construction industry that accepts a level of failure in its quality in exchange for higher revenues, NOT ON OUR JOB!


We Specialize in...


Repair or Replacement of TPO, PVC, Asphalt, Tiles, and More.


Perimeter & Penetration or complete replacement of brick, stucco, stone, or other façade.

Windows and doors

Removal & Reset with new flashings or replacement.

foundation Repairs

Stabilization or improvement of foundation.

structural framing

Crawlspace framing or exterior wall construction.


Soil or hardscape re-grading for slope or dewatering plans.