Expert Witnesses for Cost of Repair

Having an expert with the background in actually doing the work; combined with the patience to thoroughly review the associated necessary general conditions, will produce a more accurate estimate of reconstruction costs. Jeremiah Franks and Josh Schilling have both spent numerous hours preparing, being deposed on and testifying to professional Cost of Repair Estimates. Please contact us for a copy of our rate sheet and current CV.

Intrusive Testing

Hire a contractor who UNDERSTANDS the delicacy of the situation, the importance of evidence preservation, discretion in what is said on the job and the magnifying glass that the entire team is under.

Hire a contractor that pays equal attention to the PEOPLE involved as the do the work at hand. Hire a contractor that places SAFETY and COMMUNICATION above expedience

Hire a contractor that understands how to protect the property while making SURGICAL CUTS and repairing them like they were never there.